What every child needs from their parents


A little while ago, I came across an exercise in a podcast for those feeling a little lost in life and in need of some direction: Ask five people close to you what they think you're good at/what attributes came to mind when they think of you. The idea being that the people closest to you see things in you that you don't see yourself. Now I Continue Reading

The engagement


He types "how to propose" into Google and is a bit dismayed to find there are no detailed instructions to be found anywhere. She's starting to get a bit tired of people (ok, mostly her mum) asking "when do you think he'll propose?" He goes into the jewellery shop at the local shopping centre and says "show me your most conservative engagement Continue Reading

The 7 best things about 37


So it’s my birthday today. I don’t get funny about birthdays or getting older because I know what a privilege it is to get old. I consider every extra year I’m still here on earth to be such a blessing. As are all these things: 1. This guy We met in first year uni and have been a ‘thing’ ever since – that’s more than half our lives. Despite Continue Reading

The best and worst thing about life. It goes on.


When I was 22 my brother died in a car accident. His death left a hole in my heart that will never be filled and a grief that started stunningly sharp, but slowly (ever so slowly) softened to something bubbling gently below the surface on a permanent basis. Every so often one of those bubbles breaks through and *pops* with such vigour it takes Continue Reading