What I’ve learned from trying to be someone else

When I first started blogging I wanted to be the ‘new Sarah Wilson’. No surprise really. Sarah’s was the first blog I read and her voice really resonated with me. So my early days of blogging were filled with attempts to capture Sarah’s unique ability to ‘go deep’ and be uber-reflective in (for Continue Reading

He said, she said – a love story

He said: Can I borrow your pencil? She thought: WTF? What kind of loser turns up to the first week of Uni without a pencil? He said: Wanna play table hockey? She said: Sure! I will kick your ass. He said: Wanna play table hockey? She said: Love to. He said: Wanna play table Continue Reading

How much money is ‘enough’?

I got a really interesting comment/question from a reader last week. It was to do with something I wrote in a post where I said that my family has achieved ‘financial security’. I summed up ‘financial security’ in this way: “I have never wanted to be ‘rich’, I just want to have money in the bank so Continue Reading

One word for 2012

Now this may sound a little ‘negative’, but my one word for 2012 is going to be: NO Why? Because 2011 was all about me saying “YES”. Especially with regard to blogging. In 2011 I had four separate blogs (yes FOUR!) and was writing for two others. I took up every single opportunity that was Continue Reading

10 Things You Didn’t Really Need To Know About Me

I've been asked to share ten things about myself that you don’t really need to know! Hmm, had to think for a while about this one, but then it all came to me in an avalanche! 1. I can’t sleep without a fan on This started when I lived with my grandmother. She used to have the tv on in the living Continue Reading