Why are we so afraid of ‘work’ when it comes to marriage?


Chrissie Swan started an interesting conversation on her Facebook page recently. Is it just me... Or am I only one who doesn't think relationships/marriage takes 'work'? I can't think of a less appropriate word to describe my relationship. Work? No. Not a bit. Now I agree with Chrissie on one aspect. I'd never use the word 'work' to describe my Continue Reading

5 easy things we can all do to look out for each other better


The world seems quite angsty right now don’t you think? (Or maybe it's not just 'now', maybe this is a new 'normal'.) Everywhere I look there seems to be hurt feelings, self-esteems taking a hammering and in general, a lot of crankiness and upset-ed-ness. Which makes me think this is as good time a time as any for us all to try and look out for Continue Reading

A reminder to pause … and then keep going


This week I shared this remarkable post on my Facebook page. The author of the post got a semi-colon tattooed on her wrist in order to start useful conversations around depression (something which, for her, is an everyday reality), and also: “as a promise to myself that I would never willingly end my sentence.” As she notes: “A semi-colon is Continue Reading

Restoring career confidence after kids


Last week, on this post about rebuilding lost confidence, Julie left this comment: “I've been thinking of returning to the workforce after spending the past 6 1/2 years at home. However, I've lost confidence in whether I can still do the job I used to do before I had kids. Now I need to think about what I really want to do and whether I need to do Continue Reading

An unexamined life is …


An unexamined life is not worth living. But if all you’re doing is examining, are you really living? As a very introspective person, I will admit I walk this fine line a lot. The one between useful self-awareness and self-reflection … and flat out navel gazing. Which is why I found a couple of pieces in this last week quite interesting. The Continue Reading

How to chase your dreams responsibly


This is my second attempt at this post. The first time through I used the words ‘passion’ and ‘dream’ interchangeably, only to realise 800 words later they’re two completely different things. For example: Writing is a passion of mine. But my dream is to write books that change people's lives for the better. Running is another passion of Continue Reading

New goal for this year: be more repellent


As you all know, I'm recently returned from Chris Ducker's Tropical Think Tank in the Philippines. And again, as you all know, I took much away from the conference. But there's one line that's kept prickling on the surface of my mind and it's this one from Matthew Kimberley: You know you stand for something when you become simultaneously Continue Reading