Reflections at 40 – Stories – 15/40

Telling ourselves we’re ‘great’, or ‘doing a good job’, or daring to articulate the big dreams we have goes against much of our social programming.

Straight and Curly 72: Waking up early

If you’re someone who WANTS to get up early but struggles to get out of bed, the Straight and Curly Facebook group has some amazing advice for you!

Reflections at 40 – Magic Bullets – 11/40

Whenever I’m really struggling, I go searching for magic bullets and secret sauces. I become convinced there’s ‘one thing’ that’s just going to ‘change everything’

Reflections at 40 – Coping – 5/40

Call it ‘diversifying your gold star portfolio’. If you’re performing poorly in one area of your life, no worries, you can ramp up another two. Or ten.

Straight and Curly 71: Perfectionism

What even is perfectionism? Well, if you hold yourself to high standards and get frustrated when you’re not able to achieve those standards, then it’s likely you have perfectionist tendencies.