First a quick refresher:  earlier this year, I started a ‘habits challenge for people who don’t have time for habits challenges’. It’s called Better Than Yesterday and the aim is simple: tiny changes, made daily, add up to something big.

The first two challenges focused on Sleep and Nutrition and now it’s time for the third challenge: Move (starts Monday 10 April).

If you’ve been looking for motivation or accountability around getting regular exercise and movement back into your life, then this challenge is for you.

As a reminder:

  • If you’ve done any of the Better Than Yesterday challenges this year, you’re automatically enrolled in the Move Challenge.
  • If you’ve not joined in yet, when you do, you get this current challenge as well as all the other challenges I run under the Better Than Yesterday banner for the rest of this year.

The Better Than Yesterday challenges are designed to be gentle and gradual. If you’re looking for someone to yell at you and provide hardcore accountability, these challenges are not for you 🙂

What does the Move Challenge involve?

I’m asking everyone to commit to moving their body for 15 minutes a day. This can look like:

  • A 5-minute walk to the coffee shop + 10 minutes of gardening
  • A yoga session
  • Doing 20 squats each time you wait for the kettle to boil + walking up the stairs at your house 5 times + vacuuming for 10 minutes

Essentially, anything that’s not sitting, standing still or lying down can be categorised as moving because that’s what our bodies are designed to do – move.

Keen to join in? The cost for this challenge (which gives you access to the Facebook group + all the other Better Than Yesterday challenges I run this year) is $19. Just click the button below to sign up 🙂