Let It Be Episode 27: Expectations


Recently Brooke received this email from one of our listeners:

“Hey Brooke, I would love to hear an episode on ‘Expectations’ on one of your podcasts … I’m really struggling right now.  I constantly beat myself up when I upset people or let them down because I’ve made a conscious mindset change to put myself and my own needs before others, which means saying no or perhaps putting someone else out because they think I should be doing things differently. I know I am not the problem, the problem is people’s expectations of me but how to I stop this horrible sick to my stomach feeling.”

First of all – how good is it that this listener has taken these proactive steps and also knows she’s not the problem? So good. It took me approximately 35 years to figure out the same thing (#slowlearner).

But there’s a big difference between knowing you’re not the problem, and effectively dealing with the disappointment people feel when you ‘let them down’ or don’t meet their expectations.

In this episode Brooke and I talk about:

  • Where expectations come from.
  • Why they’re sometimes a compliment.
  • Why knowing your ‘why’ is so important when it comes to managing them.
  • How to overcome the Fear of Disappointing Others (FODO).
  • How to say no to people without saying no.
  • The importance of having open conversations with people about their expectations of you.

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