Let It Be Episode 33: Resentment


We kick off this week’s episode of Let it Be with a little apology for going AWOL with no notice. A month ago I was moving house and Brooke’s workload was out of control and we decided to practice what we preach and take an unscheduled breather! In a perfect world we’d have been able to give listeners some warning – but as we all know, this is not a perfect world!

But we’re back now and today’s episode is all about resentment. Brooke heard me talk about it in the Straight and Curly podcast – how it’s a horrible little cancer that can really hurt relationships (all types of relationships, not just romantic ones) if left untreated. Today we discuss.

  • What resentment is
  • Where it comes from (mainly expecting others to be mind-readers)
  • What we can do avoid it happening in the first place
  • What we can do to treat it when it does take hold

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