Project Live Life

Last week my friend Stace mentioned on Facebook that she was in an ‘existential musing phase’ and by George, I knew exactly what she was talking about. I’ve been experiencing much the same myself. Illness (in the form of depression and cancer) is deeply affecting the lives of those close to Continue Reading

How I motivate myself to exercise

Back when I was a triathlete I trained every single day; twice most days. So you’d be forgiven for thinking I was highly motivated. The truth was, every single morning I struggled to get out of bed to do my morning session. Every single afternoon was spent negotiating with myself at my desk at Continue Reading

Lifehacker tip #11 – Just start

Hands up all you procrastinators. Come on, I know there are a lot of you in the room. Yes, I have my hand up too. If you are anything like me you are forever putting off things that you don’t really want to do, or things you know can wait a while. And what are the results of putting things off? Continue Reading