9 books that have made me a better person

As many of you know, my next book is going to be called How To Say No. And as part of the research for that book I’ve created a survey I’d love everyone in the world to fill out. Now, as anyone who’s ever created a survey knows, getting people to fill them out can be a problem. There usually needs Continue Reading

Do as I say, not as I do: the to-do list

Last Sunday, as I do every Sunday, I sat down and wrote down everything I had to accomplish for the following week (this week). I then turned that ‘everything’ into a to-do list, and distributed all those to-do's across the five working days of this week. ‘Ambitious’ doesn’t even begin to describe Continue Reading

Restoring career confidence after kids

Last week, on this post about rebuilding lost confidence, Julie left this comment: “I've been thinking of returning to the workforce after spending the past 6 1/2 years at home. However, I've lost confidence in whether I can still do the job I used to do before I had kids. Now I need to think about Continue Reading

An unexamined life is …

An unexamined life is not worth living. But if all you’re doing is examining, are you really living? As a very introspective person, I will admit I walk this fine line a lot. The one between useful self-awareness and self-reflection … and flat out navel gazing. Which is why I found a couple of Continue Reading

How to chase your dreams responsibly

This is my second attempt at this post. The first time through I used the words ‘passion’ and ‘dream’ interchangeably, only to realise 800 words later they’re two completely different things. For example: Writing is a passion of mine. But my dream is to write books that change people's lives Continue Reading

Living a ‘small’ life

One of my favourite things about life right now is that I know exactly what I want from it: I want to have a happy family, be a nice person and serve the world by helping people find their best selves and be their best selves. But with these ambitions comes a nagging feeling every compulsive Continue Reading