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She's the author of Your Best Year Ever, Editor of Flying Solo and owner of Swish Design. She's also a runner, reader, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend ... the list, it goes on!

Can someone that busy really lead A Life Less Frantic? The answer to that starts here.

5 easy ways to edit problems out of your life


I've always found editing to be the best part of the writing process. It’s a chance to take the words you’ve just vomited onto a piece of paper and transform them into a thing of beauty. Or at the very least, a thing that makes sense. Recently I was talking about editing with someone and a thought struck me. In the same way we edit our written Continue Reading

Hobbies … how much should we spend on them?


"Well blogging doesn't make me any money right now so I can't really justify spending any money on it." I can't tell you how many times I've heard the above statement in the last few years. And naturally, being at a blogging conference last week, I heard it again. A good few times! So ... indulge me for a second as I launch straight into my Continue Reading

Success and balance: how can they co-exist?


If we were to take a trip back in time to September 2013, you'd find me feeling pretty smug because you know that magical state of ‘balance’ we’re all constantly seeking? Well call me David Copperfield because I’d managed to conjure it up. All my work was being done during actual work hours, I was being an awesome mum, my house was running like Continue Reading

Consistency. It’s not very glamorous


Some days I’ve got nothing. No mojo. No motivation. No get up and go. They're the days where I can’t concentrate, am easily frustrated by six-year-old questions of ‘why’ and protestations of ‘but’, and if I had my way, I’d go back to bed and sleep away the day. But of course …  I don’t. I sit at my desk and plug away. Just like I do every Continue Reading