The engagement

He types "how to propose" into Google and is a bit dismayed to find there are no detailed instructions to be found anywhere. She's starting to get a bit tired of people (ok, mostly her mum) asking "when do you think he'll propose?" He goes into the jewellery shop at the local shopping centre and Continue Reading

The 7 best things about 37

So it’s my birthday today. I don’t get funny about birthdays or getting older because I know what a privilege it is to get old. I consider every extra year I’m still here on earth to be such a blessing. As are all these things: 1. This guy We met in first year uni and have been a ‘thing’ ever Continue Reading

The best and worst thing about life. It goes on.

When I was 22 my brother died in a car accident. His death left a hole in my heart that will never be filled and a grief that started stunningly sharp, but slowly (ever so slowly) softened to something bubbling gently below the surface on a permanent basis. Every so often one of those bubbles Continue Reading

What I’ve learned from trying to be someone else

When I first started blogging I wanted to be the ‘new Sarah Wilson’. No surprise really. Sarah’s was the first blog I read and her voice really resonated with me. So my early days of blogging were filled with attempts to capture Sarah’s unique ability to ‘go deep’ and be uber-reflective in (for Continue Reading

He said, she said – a love story

He said: Can I borrow your pencil? She thought: WTF? What kind of loser turns up to the first week of Uni without a pencil? He said: Wanna play table hockey? She said: Sure! I will kick your ass. He said: Wanna play table hockey? She said: Love to. He said: Wanna play table Continue Reading

How much money is ‘enough’?

I got a really interesting comment/question from a reader last week. It was to do with something I wrote in a post where I said that my family has achieved ‘financial security’. I summed up ‘financial security’ in this way: “I have never wanted to be ‘rich’, I just want to have money in the bank so Continue Reading