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10 reasons you should keep right on ‘mommy blogging’

Mommy Blogging

Last year at Problogger Dooce famously declared ‘mommy blogging’ was dead.

That was awkward.

Last week, Josi Denise affirmed the same, kicking off a post entitled Dear Mommy Blogger with the words:

This is it. I’m fucking done.

Video killed the radio star. I’m killing the mommy blog.

And proceeded to sing from the same hymn book as Dooce:

  • No one’s reading your blog anymore because you’re writing the same old shit as everyone else.
  • The only people making money from blogging are the people who teach you how to make money from blogging.
  • No one’s writing what they really think about the products they’re reviewing for peanuts so what’s the point?

She finishes her post with this:

Just quit. Quit now before you get burnt out and feel guilty. Quit before you realize you wasted years of your life writing bullshit about your kids’ childhood and your relationships instead of being actually involved. Quit before you get caught up in some legal mess with a brand contract and your house is cluttered with shit to review that you do not need and nobody else needs either. Quit before you feel like a failure instead of finding the intersection of happy and fulfilled.

Quit because your mommy blog fucking sucks. And it’s not going to get better. There are probably a dozen things you are actually good at.

You know what I don’t have a problem with?

A blogger (or anyone who does anything) saying “I’m done with this thing.”

You know what I do have a problem with?

A blogger (or anyone who does anything) making a decision that applies to their personal situation, and telling everyone who is similar to them that it applies to them too.

I’m also tired of hearing all the reasons why everyone should quit blogging. And I’m especially tired of seeing “You’re never going to make money from it so go spend that time with your family”, at the top of those lists.

Which is why today, (hat tip to Bec Senyard for the idea), I would like to share something a bit different.

The 10 reasons you should keep on writing on your ‘mommy blog’:

  1. You’re funny and you make me laugh. I’m looking at you Kayte, Amy and Lauren.
  2. We have similar ambitions and values and I like hearing how you navigate the challenges that lie at the crossroads of these two things.
  3. You make me a better parent (Bron and Nic).
  4. You have a unique ability to make people feel less alone.
  5. You have a lovely turn of phrase and reading your words makes me a better writer.
  6. You’re an awesome writer and all the amazing words you write on your blog and the contacts you’ve made via your blog might just land you a book deal like Kerri and Anna.
  7. You’re an awesome writer and blogging can lead to you making a career writing features for magazines like Megan and Catherine.
  8. You’re a writer who wants to self-publish and your blog allows you to build an audience slowly and organically. (Ah, that’d be me).
  9. You love being able to collaborate in a meaningful way with one of your besties … and maybe even make a little bit of money from it too.
  10. You’re trying to change the world one person at a time.

And there’s one more really good reason you should keep on writing on your blog – mommy or otherwise. And this is probably the most important reason of all. It’s:

Because you want to.

The end 🙂



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  1. Yes. I read her post and thought “piss off with your assumptions”. Im a blogger and a Mum but Im not generic. I blog because I want to and the interaction I have with my readers is proof that at least ONE person is touched by my story. Thank you for writing this 🙂

  2. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Well said.

    Here’s a tip – don’t write “to” people when you’re exhausted and fed up oh earnest mommy bloggers of DOOM! That shit stinks.

    News flash – these mega stars of of blogging doom – I have NEVER heard of them. Maybe their run is over, but go on holidays then join the coaching staff, don’t become a bitter critic.

  3. Jesus Christ, Josi sounds like a ray of fucking sunshine :/

    Josi, darl, how about you pick up your things and leave quietly and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves in peace, OK? No one likes a tanty and it’s even less cute when an adult throws one.

    Meanwhile, Kel, THANK YOU. Thank you for including me in your list of mummy blogs that don’t “fucking suck” (if I say so myself). You don’t suck either xxxx

  4. I blog to connect.. And I do, every day! Thanks Kelly & all my bloggy buddies IRL & in the computer! I’ve known you all for almost 5 years! Love the connections! Denyse xx

  5. Raising my glass to you Kel. This is perfect. I wasn’t offended by Josi’s post at all. Probably because I’ve been feeling some of those things for a while now and is why I haven’t gone the monetizing route. but i can see how her tone has annoyed some.

    Loving your shout outs through this post by the way!! Xx

  6. Perception. Those who judge without having walked in others shoes need to shut the fuck up. Blogging is diverse, sometimes repetitive, often unique, personal, ever changing but should never be about bullying. Inclusion is so much bloody nicer than exclusion. Blog how you like. Be like others or be individual. Be vanilla or be a Bloody Mary. Make money or spend money. Who cares. Just be a decent human. Great post Kelly x

  7. You are good. Very, very good.
    Thank you for this timely and reassuring post. I would say to any blogger, mommy or otherwise, keep on sharing your stories. Connection is more vital than ever before and storytelling will never be dead. You’re ace, Kelly! Actually make that a few more exclamations marks. But not because you’re paying me and I’ve sold my soul :-). !!!!!!! Incidentally what was her theory on emojis? ☺️

  8. Thank you! I am so sick of all the negativity around blogging that I am seeing lately. Thanks for some positivity!!

  9. Yesssss!!!!!!! (Too many?)
    Nailed it Kelly.👌
    I’m with Jenni – Styling Curvy – let’s just concentrate on being good humans.
    Do whatever floats your boat.
    While agree with some points, Josi needs to chill.
    (The newsletter sign up pop-ups & ads for her to make money FROM BLOGGING / selling her soul by using a guaranteed viral/click-bait creation gave me a good chuckle. Well played 😂)

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this – and had zero idea the first time I read this that I was hyperlinked until I happened to be on my stats page and saw a kelly exeter referral spike – Ha! And that there exposes my raging Saturday night x

    1. Post
  11. If you don’t want the stuff or the money (poor her) then don’t accept it.. Easier ways of saying “no” than having a public rant. Personally if that’s what it’s all boiling down to then possibly blogging isn’t for her anyways!! Thanks for highlighting the joy Kelly 😊

  12. I didn’t start blogging because someone else said I should; I didn’t start blogging DAILY (this year) because someone else said I should; I didn’t QUIT blogging daily because someone else said I should.

    I started blogging on a whim. Found out I liked it. Slowly built an audience. Wrote about stuff that interests me. Challenged myself with daily blogging and got bored with my output, so I went back to posting when I felt like it. I still love blogging; I very much love the interactions with my readers; I love interacting with other bloggers on their posts.

    Josi can fuck off.

  13. So well said, as always! I read “the letter” and was quite taken aback by it. The beauty of blogging is that you can make it what you want. I’ve also never worked in a more collaborative and friendly industry before. Mummy blogging has given me the opportunity to be more present in my daughters life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  14. I always come back to blogging for one simple reason, I love to write and for me it’s my creative escape. I don’t except anything other than the joy I et out of it, anything is a bonus!

  15. Love, love, love this! I can’t believe how concerned people are about what others do with their writing. Granted, I have asked bloggers to consider not working for free- but in the end, it’s their choice.
    Me, I just like to write. It clears my head. Makes me happy. It’s not for me to say what others definitely should do. I think Josi had some good points but they were lost in the bitterness and generalisations.

    And thanks for the mention- way chuffed!!

  16. Love your work ladybug.

    I get that Josi is fed up to pussy’s bow with mommy blogging. If that is how she chooses to blog, I’m not surprised! What a nightmare.

    As she has children, she’s probably well aware of this word called “no”. She should have tried using it.

    Luckily, the vast majority of us blog because we love it, and do so ethically with full disclosure.

    The reason there isn’t much negative stuff on my blog is because it is my blog. It’s my positive space, thank you very much. I’ve said no to sponsored posts and returned review products when I felt it wasn’t a good fit.

    Mommy blogging isn’t fucked but I think someone’s attitude might just be.

  17. I just went and read that BS rant, couldn’t not after your eloquent response to it, that it barely deserved. Her problem is not that she was a Mummy Blogger, but that she sold out and became a soulless content machine that she is now regretting. She used every PR tip in her arsenal and it backfired. I for one, blog because I love to write and hope to help people in an authentic way. Nothing wrong with creating your own product to sell that enriches others lives. You don’t have to monetise in the manner she spoke of. Add value not more noise! I declare you the winner of this joust Kelly.

  18. Such a confused article – she doesn’t seem to know why she blogs.

    First she write: ‘In February 2016, I wrote an angry, heartfelt letter vaguely directed at my ex in regards to not paying child support. It was the most real and vulnerable shit I’ve ever posted on the internet thus far, and I was terrified to hit publish for many reasons. Within a week, it went viral, and as of today it’s been shared more than 312 thousand times. How many times would I have killed for a sponsored post to do that well?’

    The she writes: ‘Genuine content, with a genuine voice, is the only way to gain real readers and connect with real people’.

    Is the aim of blogging only to gain more and more and more readers – can’t it just be to express yourself, and, if you connect with others, or if you make (some) money, or anything else, that’s a bonus? Just my thoughts – love your points, Kelly.

  19. Oh Kel – I feel like I should be standing and clapping you right now.. and I totally would if it werent for the fact my family will think I have finally lost the plot and commit me. Yes, yes and yes. Who the hell has the right to tell anyone to do anything other than what it is they want to do. Just cause sambucca makes me vomit doesnt mean YOU shouldnt drink it… that totally made sense in my head. xx

  20. Respect!!!

    Love this Kelly! 10 very good reasons why I continue to blog too and you have mentioned some amazing bloggers who I look up to in your post too! Ain’t nobody gonna stand in our way!! Mummy bloggers & bloggers in general unite!! Do it for YOU!

  21. Great post Kelly. I’m new to blogging and read the post and thought oh no am I wasting my time….I have only just discovered all of this and it’s now supposed to be over for the mummy blogger???
    Thankfully, I came across your post and you’ve made it all ok again!!
    Thank You xx

    1. Post

      Yay – that makes me so happy. You just keep right on doing what you’re doing. The world needs our voices 🙂

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