Your Christmas shopping sorted with these 30 amazing independent, online retailers

A few weeks ago I wrote that getting all your present buying done in November helps greatly when it comes to having a fairly chilled out December. The beauty of the world today is that you don't even have to go to a major shopping centre anymore to do all that present buying. You can actually do most, if not all, of it online. (I did ALL my Christmas shopping online a few years ago and I can tell you, it was the greatest thing ever.)

Now, I don't have anything against major shopping centres or the chain retailers they tend to contain. They provide jobs for many people and jobs are always a good thing. I do, however, find I can buy gifts that are a little more unique from smaller, independent retailers. And in doing so, I get to help a small business owner too.

So today, with the assistance of those who follow me on Facebook, I've assembled a list of lovely independent retailers who have online shops. If this list helps you get all your Christmas shopping done in November AND helps out a small business owner along the way ... all to the good!


Julianne says: I get comments on the dresses I have bought from here ALL the time.


Fiona says: Lovely, affordable jewellery, key rings and other small gifts, made by an absolutely lovely lady. I just did all my teacher gift shopping on her site.


Louisa says: Delicious dark chocolate handmade by Swiss Perth peeps


Louisa says: Handmade clay jewellery and other cute items


Louisa says: For pure, natural skin and face care made in Perth. I love the lavender body cream


Erin says: Candles, balm and honey that showcase the natural beauty and goodness of Australian beeswax and raw honey.


Alison says: They make gorgeous food wraps and honey products


Recommended by Tamsin


Isla says: Hair accessories for girls


Kelly says: A great gift for anyone who has always wanted to take up a yarn craft but didn't know where to start


Michelle says: Unique gifts, cool craft kits, homewares, vintage fabrics and gorgeous haberdashery


Anneke says: This is my favourite kids clothing store


Anneka says: Awesome wall art


Amanda says: Beautiful fragrances and body and home products that have never disappointed. Love them!


Bronwyn says: I love this store


Emily says: My friend Jo makes these amazing candles in her backyard workshop. They are works of art - so beautiful.


Karen says: For fun and funky individually crafted jewellery at affordable prices.


Kelly says: I love my friend Amy's fun and quirky kitchen towels, magnets and aprons


Vicki says: Stunning dresses for little princesses


Terri loves this: Australian accessories brand, combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary minimal design.


Rawinia makes: premium quality handmade underwear for children - super cute but best of all actually fits! Goodbye wedgies!


Rawinia says: Petra makes gorgeous dresses


Hayley says: My gorgeous girlfriend Rachel Prudham has a little local business that makes awesome customised wooden signs.


Corryn says: For pregnant, or breastfeeding mums & their babies


Michelle says: My friend makes beautiful jewellery


Terri makes: Luxe outdoor candles and vibrant outdoor cushions


Jess sells: Original artwork and jewellery with my artwork set in resin