The 7 best things about 37

So it’s my birthday today. I don’t get funny about birthdays or getting older because I know what a privilege it is to get old. I consider every extra year I’m still here on earth to be such a blessing.

As are all these things:

Ant1. This guy

We met in first year uni and have been a ‘thing’ ever since – that’s more than half our lives. Despite the fact that I’m really annoying, he’s never tried to change me. And he’s stuck with me through times where I didn’t even want to be around myself, so why we would he? I wouldn’t be the person I am if not for him.

2. These two

I never imagined we’d be a family of four. Mia was our ‘last shot’ at that dream and it literally wasn’t until she crowned that I truly believed ‘oh my god, Jaden is actually getting himself a little sister.’ I love them, I love them, I love them, with every fibre of my being. They are extraordinary.


3. Knowing what I want from life

I spent many years pursuing every single ‘opportunity’ that crossed my path. I said yes to everything. The secret hope was that I might discover ‘the thing’ that would free me from the life I’d created for myself – a life that looked great on the surface, but wasn’t. Finally I figured out it was up to me to decide what ‘the thing’ was. And the short story is … I did.

I know exactly what I want from life right now and for the foreseeable future. And that makes it very easy to say ‘no’ to ‘opportunities’ that, no matter how great they are, won’t take me there.

4. Amazing friends

Seriously, I have the most wonderful friends – both the ‘real life’ ones and those in the online world. They are people who love me for who I am, support me in everything I go after, celebrate my successes and catch me when I fall. What more could a girl possibly ask for?

5. Incredible family

Every day I celebrate the fact that Ant and I have parents who are both alive, and living in the same city as us. This weekend we are away in Melbourne and my parents have our kids. How lucky are we to be able to go away and leave our kids somewhere we know they will be safe, happy and loved? How lucky are our kids to know both sets of grandparents so well? How lucky are we to have siblings we adore?  Stupidly lucky. That’s the answer to that.

6. Great health

My body is strong and healthy. It can do CrossFit classes. It can run, ride, row, walk, jump. It can keep up with my kids. I’ve never been one to take my health and fitness for granted, but after some issues earlier this year, I am even more grateful than normal.

7. Peace in my world

Unfortunately, the world at large is not at peace at the moment. And this is hard and sad. But my own little world? It is very peaceful. I don’t like drama. I don’t like nastiness. So I find myself gravitating towards people who value the lack of these things too. Some might say I’ve created a nice little bubble for myself and that my bubble isn’t an accurate reflection of the real world. To that I say … why does it need to be?