Straight and Curly 75: How to boost your memory

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And we’re back! Gosh, a bit’s happened while we were away.

Our original podcast network,, has called it a day so we are now an independent podcast. Which changes nothing for our listeners. We have a new producer and the show will continue exactly as it has before, it just won’t have the cute sign off at the end.

Carly and I would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Brooke and Ben from Jackrabbit. Without them this show would never have come into being and given how much fun we’re having with it, and given the steady growth of our listenership … it would have been a shame if it never became a thing. Right?!

We’ve also brought on our first ever show sponsor – Open Universities. We’re excited to be working with them and think they are a brilliant fit given both Carly and I are lifelong learners.

Ok – on with the show! In this week’s episode we’re talking memory.

Carly’s quite good at remembering things.

I am totally rubbish. As in ‘forgot to pick up a friend’s kids from school on Monday’ rubbish.(<< This actually happened. OMG.)

But that might be because Carly is an S on the Myers-Briggs scale (easily processes information at a detail level) while I am an N (processes information at a more conceptual level).

All that said, Carls and I can both do with a memory boost in certain situations so we did some research. The tips we discuss in this episode are the results of that research!

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