How to find your sweet spot in life


If you’re like most people I know, you’re searching.

There’s something gnawing at you. A vague sense of dissatisfaction.

And it’s annoying because if you’re like most people, you probably have a good life and think it’s ridiculous that you could be harbouring any sense of dissatisfaction with it.

So where does this tiny feeling of angst come from?

It comes from you not doing the thing  that gives you that ‘buzzy’ feeling deep in your gut. The thing that (pardon the woo woo term) feeds your soul.  As I said in the introduction to this series:

Just like the actress who can’t quite nail her part until she understands what motivates her character, you can’t quite nail your life till you understand what motivates you.

So what’s your thing?

Well that’s the million dollar question I’m going to try and answer with the help of Carly from Type-Coach. Together we’re going to tell you what motivates each personality type and give examples of people who have found a bit of a sweet spot in their life. And hopefully what you read will help you identify what your thing is. Because I suspect most of us are already doing our thing, we just don’t realise it.

But once you do realise it … you can stop searching!!

Because it is the never-ending searching that causes us to say yes to things we shouldn’t, and hopelessly over-extend ourselves.

And here’s something I want you all to take special note of. While a lot of the examples we will give of people doing their thing involves them marrying their thing with their career, this is absolutely not essential. I for one deliberately separate my thing and my work because frankly, if my thing was tied to making money, it would take all the satisfaction and fun out of it for me. For others, this is not a problem.

So please – forget that dream we’ve all been sold that the ‘ultimate’ in life is to find a career that feeds our souls. That is categorically not the secret to happiness and satisfaction.

Ok – are you ready to find out what your thing is?

Have you taken the Type-Coach test to find out your personality type (or at the very least done my quick and dirty personality test)? Then you’re ready to go – click the link that contains your personality type below: