Let It Be 61: Embracing ‘mediocrity’

So, the first thing we have to highlight is we’re taking a little break from recording Let It Be – just to freshen up our brains and practise what we preach (less doing, more being!) It won’t be a long break, however, we will be back in June 🙂

On to this episode.

Spurred by a comment in the Let It Be Facebook group, we wanted to talk about the idea of simply being ‘mediocre’ in life. That not everything is about striving and bettering and being at the top of your game.

Unsurprisingly, we have both similar and different views on this.

We are both are strivers in certain areas, but Brooke is a more go with the flow person in general, whereas I have a tendency to want to do things as well as humanly possible all the time. Interestingly though, we both understand the importance of living a life filled with contentment, not using striving as an excuse to be unhappy.

The Facebook comment also touched on the idea of selfishness – is it selfish to not use our talents and strengths to their fullest capacity, thereby starving the world of our gifts – or do we not owe the world anything? Listen in below to hear our thoughts.

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