Let It Be Episode 14: Not coping


This episode came from a listener question. In response to our episode on Saying No where we spoke about the giant hole you can dig for yourself when you maintain the facade of coping when you’re really not, she asked … why do we do that?

It was an interesting to question to explore.

For Brooke, it’s partly that she comes from a long line of ‘copers’. For me, it’s an ego/identity thing. (When your personal brand is about having your shit together, it’s hard to admit you don’t always.)

Of course, coping is no way to live long term so we discuss where all that coping led us (ie to not very good places) and how, when we finally learned to admit we weren’t ok and asked for help, life got so much better.

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  1. I tweeted you my #Authentic #OneTakeWonder photo while I was out today, just trying to get 10,000 steps today (I am NO tri-athlete!), because I was listening to this podcast while walking (PERFECT motivation to walk, btw!). I hope you received the pic as the tongue-in-cheek image it was meant to be.

    I don’t take a lot of selfies, but when I do, I typically go with the first take, unless it’s just truly a horrible pic (bad lighting or whatever). I don’t try to present my “shiny” self, because my “shiny” self takes too much damn work. That being said, I’m glad to have heard your Noping Techniques (yes, that was a Not Coping mashup typo, and I decided to let it be).

    1. Post
      1. You are too kind (much kinder than I am to myself, of course). My eyes are completely hidden by my sunglasses, because, ya know, SUN. My hair is flying into my face, because, ya know, WIND. It was just in response to what you and Brooke were talking about.

        I dare ya to do a #OneTakeWonder, without (excessive) makeup (if you LIKE wearing makeup, I’m not gonna say you HAVE to go without), and post it. You don’t have to look for the moment you’ve just come in from a run, or anything where you’ll be the opposite of your “shiny” self. Just be yourself! Double-dog-dare ya. TRIPLE-dog-dare ya! 😉 🙂


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