Let It Be Episode 17: Happiness


We kicked off this episode by discussing what happiness even looks like (Brooke used to think it looked like the demented joy you see in stock photos) and then we deep dive into our favourite points from this great post Benjamin P. Hardy wrote on Medium suggesting The secret to happiness is 10 specific behaviours.

Those being:

  1. Let go of the need for specific outcomes
  2. Define your own success and happiness
  3. Commit 100% to the things that make you happy
  4. Be grateful for what you already have
  5. Say “I love you” more
  6. Have hobbies directed toward your dreams
  7. Dont wait til tomorrow for what you can do today
  8. Do something every day that terrifies you
  9. Put the important before the urgent
  10. Forgo the good to pursue the best

While we don’t get through them all … we certainly give it a good crack!

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