Let It Be Episode 18: Balance

Balance. It’s a word I find comes up a lot in conversation … but I wince when I say it because I know that striving for ‘balance’ is a bit of a fool’s game. After all, balance happens for a second … and then you tip out of balance again. We don’t want to be striving for things that last a second right?

So what do we call that state where we feel our work life and family life are under control? And is that place even something we should be striving for (because is it realistic to ever expect that work and family can be both under control at the same time)?

That’s what Brooke and I ponder in this week’s episode of Let it Be 🙂

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  1. I was listening to this, and wondering if ‘balance’ needs to be thought of in the same way as you had thought of ‘happiness’. ie. it’s not the ‘over the top’ aspect of happiness, but maybe contentment we are aiming for? and with balance, maybe occasionally you might hit the sweet spot (and yay!) but otherwise it’s a zone or tilting or whatever you want to call it.

    But also, that balance never works if everything is so, so tightly controlled that you can’t move with the changes? (like I can’t surf because I am not comfortable rolling with the waves – and yoga /pilates works better when I don’t tighten up – can’t stay on that fitball either!)

  2. The entire time you were fighting yourselves over the word “balance”, I was envisioning a small stream or brook (no ‘e’). It is PEACEFUL to observe, but if the water doesn’t flow, it stagnates. PEACE, I think, is what you’re lokking for, but again, overall, not necessarily “in the moment”.

    Great chat today, ladies!

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  3. Loving you and Brooke chatting! I’m not a lover of the word or ideal of work life balance either. Just another buzz word/imagined state doomed to set us up for feeling like failures. I like to think more along the lines of ‘continually tweaking the recipe for living with meaning’ or just ‘Life’s recipe’. Sometimes you just need to throw in an extra dollop of this, or a splash of that, or a less pinch of this and a less dob of that – mix it all up and see how it tastes! If it starts to taste sour adjust the recipe again. No cake mixture is ever the same every time. 😉

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