Let It Be Episode 21: Seriousness

Kelly Exeter Let it be 5 Comments

A couple of weeks ago Mikaela left this comment on our show about Honesty:

Hello! I just started listening to Let it Be about three weeks ago and I love it! I especially love the stuff on minimalism and self-acceptance. I would love you to do one on not taking yourself too seriously. I’ve been consciously making positive changes in my life for about a year now namely meditating, simplifying and exercising. I really identify with you (Kelly) because I’m also an introvert and have a lot of troubles with social anxiety/awkwardness. Since being more consciously aware of my mind-state I’ve noticed my social awkwardness getting worse somehow. I found it much easier to joke around and be lighthearted before I started paying attention to the inner workings of my mind. Also, a lot of the things I’m interested in now – yoga, meditation, minimalism, are not things people necessarily enjoy talking about. I feel like this is because I have perhaps been taking myself too seriously. Do you ever find this? And if so how do you overcome it?

Are Mikaela and I the same person? I think we might be. It’s literally only in the last few years that I’ve been able to take myself a little less seriously and Brooke and I both agreed this was very much a question worth exploring in the podcast. So we did.

Interestingly, despite both of us being expert navel-gazers who tend to be overly earnest, we come at the whole ‘taking ourselves seriously’ thing from slightly different directions. I actually want to be taken seriously; to feel my thoughts and views are respected. Brooke fights against her earnestness because she wants people to think she’s funny and carefree.

I’m not sure if we come up with any sure-fire solutions for people who are trying to take themselves a little less seriously – but it’s an interesting conversation nonetheless. So thank you to Mikaela for inspiring it!

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  1. I’m sorry it has taken me sooo long to navel gaze with you guys. I don’t know why! And this path is hard because some people don’t give a sh#t. But in teaching yoga I see my students changing and they can do it at their own pace and that’s fine. I also don’t always practice what I preach (like lots of the time) so I’m full of empathy (or try to be). I’d say I’m eager but I try not to be earnest. Hubby doesn’t do yoga even though I teach it! And we’re still married. A good friend of mine who does do yoga still hasn’t done one of my classes, and this has hurt me quite a bit even though she says she supports me. I’m going to laugh with her about it. Ha, ha. No seriousness.

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      Thank you for asking it Mikaela – it gave us the opportunity to have such an interesting conversation!

  2. I like the title you went with. I’m not sure if I ever would have bothered to listen if you’d stuck with the first title (not enough comedy, juggling, or hula hoops, you see).

    I like how much you gals laugh, with and at each other, during these podcasts. I think you’re probably both taken seriously enough by others, but you’re right to look for your “tribe” so you’re not put-off by those who don’t get what you’re so earnest about.

    Good stuff!

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