Let It Be Episode 23: Regret

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In this episode I throw out the teaser at the start that I’ll share my two big regrets in life (including one that’s pretty lame) and then we get so caught up in the conversation that I never do! So here they are:

  1. The fact that I didn’t set up my business to operate without me in it when Jaden was born so I basically had zero days off work and didn’t get to enjoy the first year of his life.
  2. The fact that I only did the technique work essential for learning to swim fast in my tenth and final year of triathlon. (<< This is the lame one clearly. But man – it would have been handy to be a faster swimmer in those other nine years!)

Anyway – the conversation Brooke and I have in this episode goes to some interesting places. I share how I’m attempting to live a life without regret. Brooke admits some of her biggest regrets come from the way she has treated people and, also, how she has allowed herself to be treated. (This got me frantically scanning back through life to see if I had similar regrets.)

We talk about why looking back, regretting a decision and wishing you had more information when you made that decision is a little pointless and highlight the fact that not making a decision about something is actually making a decision … and how that’s not really a way to avoid regret!

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  1. Oh, I look forward to listening! My biggest regrets are more moments from the past in which I allowed people to treat me badly or I didn’t take risks because I cared too much what people thought. But then, those moments haven’t affected my life as it is today (which despite its challenges is pretty darn good) and I learned from them and I’m glad I can see progress and growth when I look back. If I was always perfect and super confident, I wouldn’t appreciate how I am now!

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  2. For a long time, probably mostly during my first marriage, my biggest regret was leaving a particular high school during my senior year rather than graduating from it. I knew all along, while holding onto that regret, that So Many aspects of my life would have changed, including which college I attended, as well as who “Husband #1” would be. And even though I was Happy with Husband #1, I still held that regret.

    Now I’m married to Husband #2, who could easily have been #1 if I’d finished at that particular high school and still attended the same university and just married him when HE graduated. So my current “regret” is that we were separated from each other for 20 years and “grew up” separately rather than together. But had that been the course of my life, who’s to say that we’d still be together now? Or have pursued our current careers, in Los Angeles, where I am TRULY happiest?

    So I don’t really hang onto Regret anymore. I probably dumped that baggage at the same time that I dumped Guilt. Remorse for hurting another person is valuable, because it generates Action and Amends. Any other “regret” or “guilt” doesn’t really improve a life or situation, so I say dump ’em.

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