Let It Be Episode 29: Perfection

Kelly Exeter Let it be 2 Comments


Given I’ve written a whole book on this topic, and given it’s something that really gets in the way of living an intentional life (less doing and more being), it’s weird that Brooke and I haven’t tackled ‘perfection’ yet.

In this episode we cover off why perfectionism isn’t necessarily what you think it is and share how it’s gotten us both in real trouble in the past. We also talk about whether perfectionism can be conquered, or simply managed. And I offer some of the strategies I’ve developed over the years to manage my own variety of perfectionism a bit better.

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  1. In high school, I started hearing “PERFECT Practice makes Perfect” and had to agree, perfection is impossible. I like what you ladies have set out: Practice makes Progress.

    Never had perfectionism as a problem in my life. Never had perfectionism in my family. Once dated a guy who was a Fashionista, and it just about killed me (NOT literally). I miss having him update my wardrobe, but that’s about it. 😉

    Perfectionism focuses on the IMperfect, and that’s what’s wrong with it.

    So Kelly, where can I record that message for you? I’d be happy to be the voice that reminds you how awesome and wonderful and IMperfect you are (which is Good Enough)! 🙂

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