Let It Be Episode 37 – Change


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”
~ Nelson Mandela

Going back a few years, Brooke and I, (quite independently of each other!) both had to make some pretty massive life changes after taking ourselves all the way to breaking point. In today’s episode we talk about change – specifically, why we didn’t feel we were able to make the changes we know we needed to until things got dire.

What we end up realising over the course of our conversation is that self-awareness is the key when it comes to making adjustments in life before things get to breaking point. But … it was the process of going through breakdown and the transformation that occurred as a result of that, that gave us the self-awareness we have now.

We also discuss a blog post of mine which explores the seven reasons you can’t make changes you want (and how to overcome them):

  • We feel trapped/like we have no options
  • I’ve tried changing but nothing works
  • This is just how life is
  • I know changes need to be made, but I’m too exhausted
  • People won’t accept the changes I need to make unless things are desperate
  • Surely if I just keep pushing I’ll get there (but we don’t actually know what ‘there’ looks like
  • I don’t deserve anything better than what I’ve got right now

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