Let It Be Episode 41 – Gratitude


I said to Brooke at the start of this episode that this was going to be a counselling session – and I was right.

Even though ‘people like me’ practise gratitude and get a lot out of it, I’ve always struggled with it. Mainly because it raises the issue of privilege which quickly leads to guilt which then leads to a very unhelpful dose of self-loathing (aka ‘How dare you be anything but grateful, you lead an incredibly privileged life.’) There’s actually a moment in this episode where my brain leaves Brooke speechless with just how much I overthink this topic.

Worth a listen just for that!

All that said, I do get somewhere useful in this podcast. I come to the realisation that I’ve always used gratitude as a ‘weapon’ against bad days rather than using it as a simple and effective mindfulness practice. Coming to that realisation has changed everything for me with regard to gratitude!

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  1. Another great chat girls. I too, struggle with the whole gratitude thing, not because I’m not grateful but it always feels kind of trite and phony or something. Listening today I realised it’s because like Kelly I use gratitude as another way to beat myself up. I have no right to feel anything but grateful etc because of the luck of being born into my family in this country etc. but now I’m realising that yes I am fortunate but that doesn’t mean my life will always be easy or comfortable and that my problems are still problems to me. So now I’m going to think about Brooke’s way and accept my good fortune but also look for the little things that I do have to be grateful for everyday, and I’m going to let myself feel that gratitude and learn what gratitude feels like in my body for myself.

    1. I am so glad this episode was useful Kate. I was so worried it’d come across – I don’t know, a bit lame, on my end! And I am glad you ended up the same place as me. I really feel this was a bit of a gratitude breakthrough for me!

  2. Not lame at all Kelly. Ive tried so many different gratitude practices over the years, but it all felt forced. I felt very relieved to hear your story and like you Brookes point of view was somewhat of a break through for me too.

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