Let it Be Episode 45 – Slow realisations

Slow realisations

In our Let it Be group on Facebook, Glenda asked this question:

After five years of wondering, talking, reflecting, journaling and working with a psychologist, I finally realised what was still bugging me about leaving my career in science. The moment was the most incredible aha moment and it’s already changing my outlook on life and business. What annoys me, however, is that it took so long to figure it out with all of the things I’ve tried to do it. So since you two lovely ladies seem to be excellent reflectors and navel gazers, I’d be interested to hear a discussion on different strategies, pros and cons, or other ways I may have got to this aha moment quicker (if that was even possible).

Can we arrive at important realisations quicker? Or is it always going to be a process? Brooke and I have some pretty definite ideas on that one!

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