Let it Be Episode 47 – Control


Now, this is an interesting episode. Again, inspired by a question from one of the Let It Be members in our Facebook group, this week we look at the topic of control. Specifically, when is a desire for control helpful and when does it become a burden?

Brooke and I come at the control issue from very different places. I freely admit I’m a card-carrying control freak who feels more at ease and more productive when I’m in control of my physical surroundings. Brooke, on the other hand, used to cling to the idea of control as a way of dealing with her anxiety and depression, but over the past couple of years has really learnt to let go and find freedom in not being in control at all.

It’s fascinating to hear the different directions from which we approach this topic and its impact. The one thing we agree on, however, is that there’s a big difference between controlling our environment and controlling Life (and people) and that this is often where the tension of control lies.

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