Let It Be Episode 9: Rejection

So Practical Perfection is out in the world (officially hits virtual shelves next Monday) and I am a quivering ball of anxiety. Why? Well, rejection of course!

This book is everything I’ve been writing about here on the blog for six years, condensed into one Venn diagram. It basically describes how I live my life. If people hate it, it’s going to be hard not to take that as an indictment ie. The way you live your life is dumb!

So this is a good time for Brooke and I to unpack why rejection hurts so much and what we can do to take the sting out of it. (Don’t take things so personally is always a good place to start! But Brooke also suggests ‘sitting with it for a while’ which I will admit is something I’ve never done … but I’m going to try from now on.)

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