Random musings of an occasional baker


Sweet baby Jesus, baking is messy isn’t it?

Maybe it’s not so much I don’t like cooking – it’s more I just can’t stand the mess involved with it all.

If a cake has no gluten in it – is it really cake?

Has anyone ever heeded the instruction ‘Do not eat batter. Contains raw eggs.’?

If the instructions say ’round tin’ and I use a square tin, am I going to hell?

Is olive oil a ‘vegetable oil’?

Is it ok to roast pumpkin in the oven at the same time there’s a cake in there?


For the record:

For all it had no gluten, the cake was yummy (thanks Betty Crocker).

I suffered no ill effects from licking the bowl.

Olive oil seemed to do the job.

As did the square tin.

The cake seemed unharmed by the presence of the pumpkin in the oven at the same time.

I definitely hate any kind of cooking or baking mostly because of the mess.

So. Much. Mess.