Straight and Curly Episode 11: Non-electronic hobbies


Do you have a hobby? Much less a non-electronic one?

In this episode we have science on our side. Studies have shown that leisure activities help with the management of stress and give a genuine happiness boost too. So it’s time to get hobby-ing.

Carly and I share what our non-electronic hobbies are and give suggestions for finding one yourself if you don’t have one already.

We also cover how to make time in your day for hobbies without feeling guilty about it.

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  1. Kelly, I really enjoy the topics and discussions on your podcasts – thank you. But you girls have got to SLOW down your speaking. You are both obviously enthusiastic about sharing ideas (great!) but the pace is exhausting! Girls – embrace the slow. Thanks, Nadine.

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      Hello Nadine! Thanks so much for listening in!

      I know we do tend to get excited and talk a bit quicker … but, just check your podcast program to ensure you don’t have it set to 1.5x speed (I know my friend Kerri did that by accident the other day and couldn’t figure out why everyone was speaking so fast she could barely understand!

  2. Crochet! But I have only learned one stitch so far, haven’t learned to use a pattern, so I just make *one* thing – a scarflet that is connected to itself like a Moebius strip. Now that spring has hit on the northern hemisphere, I have no one to crochet for. Guess I’m going to have to pick up a class; learn to follow patterns; make toys for all the nieces and nephews!

    Thanks for continuing to inspire!

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