Straight and Curly Episode 16: Inbox Zero


Is there a more coveted productivity #squadgoal than Inbox Zero? I certainly can’t think of one. Yet it’s so bloody hard to achieve.

And really, is it even something worth aiming for?

Well Carly tries to hit Inbox Zero at the end of each week while I take a more relaxed approach to it all. In this episode we share our approaches to keeping our inboxes tidy (if they can’t be at zero) along with some tips for clearing out your inbox when it contains 60,000 unread emails (<< I don’t understand you people).

Things we mention in this episode:

  • Kanban Flow
  • Slack (can’t believe these guys aren’t sponsoring us yet – we talk about them so much!)
  • Gabby Tozer’s great book The Intern (which has nothing to do with Inbox Zero bar the fact that Gab often tweets us looking for inbox help!).

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  1. I’m quite happy to leave my eleventy billion BOLD emails in my multiple email accounts; I lately never even visit any but my primary account, and that on my phone, so they never load into my Outlook on my laptop. In My Phone, the inbox is mostly clean. If there’s something in there that needs immediate attention, it gets immediate attention, and then deleted. Not so much, in the laptop.

    But I don’t conduct my daily business from Outlook or my laptop, unlike you and Carly. My daily business requires little to no technology; the phone is there for when boredom strikes. I have yet to book any work from the innumerable submissions I make on my own behalf; if that changes, then I will keep the account that floods my inbox past my six-month trial. If I never self-book, then that account will get deleted, and then my inbox will look happier (to you two, at least).

    I’m about to BLOG about your podcast with Brooke; good stuff today!

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  2. I use my inbox as a to do list too, but when there’s too many emails it becomes a very ineffective system. This podcast prompted me to try to fix this and I have – I found a new mail app, Airmail (mac only), specifically designed for people using their inbox as a to do list. My favourite feature is the ability to ‘snooze’ emails – if you know you’re not going to deal with an email until a certain day or time, you can send it out of your inbox and it will come back at the time you specify! Magic! Now my home and work are Inbox Zero (it even says it in the app)! Thanks for the inspiration girls!

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