Straight and Curly Episode 17: A month with no coffee


If you listened to Episode 6 and felt I was a little dismissive about just how hard it is to give up alcohol for a month, then you’re in for a treat.

As you know, I gave up coffee for the month of February and in this episode of Straight and Curly I take the opportunity to sincerely apologise for ever suggesting that going to the pub and having a sparkling water with a twist of lemon is an appropriate substitute for an alcoholic drink.

We also share the surprising things we learned when researching whether giving up coffee is even a worthwhile thing to do … along with the reason why I’ve been able to stay off it ever since (despite having massive cravings as deep as 27 days into the month).

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  1. I love you for doing this, Kelly. It was definitely something to take you out of your comfort zone, wasn’t it? In all the research you two did, did you find any that indicated that “x” numbers of coffee are actually BENEFICIAL, health-wise? You found that quitting had some benefits, if certain factors were in place, but what about starting?

    I’m in America; the only coffee I ever get to drink is, by both your standards, SHIT. So I never really developed a “habit” of coffee. I will, occasionally, have a cup if I’m at home and hubby has brewed it, or if I’m out in the world with someone else, I’ll do what Carly does. “Yeah, a cuppa would be kinda nice right now.” But my coffee always… ALWAYS… needs to smell and taste more like chocolate than it does coffee. Probably because American coffee is shit. So, yeah, if I’m drinking it, it’s got plenty of added sugar, cream, and cacao.

    I can quit anytime. Because I DO quit all the time. Because I don’t LOVE coffee. And I’m a moderator with alcohol. And with sugary drinks. So… should I make coffee a habit? Or not until I’ve managed to vacation in Australia, once I know what good coffee actually is? 😉

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