Straight and Curly Episode 21: Meetings

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If you work in the corporate world, you probably have to attend a lot of meetings and don’t get really get to push back against the fact that most meetings are a giant waste of time. Those of us who work for ourselves, we have a bit more control over that, yet we still find ourselves having more meetings than we should.

In this episode Carly and I discuss:

  • Why we loathe meetings so much,
  • How to do meetings better,
  • What the research says, and
  • How to get out of meetings that don’t really require your presence.

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  1. As a tour guide at Warner Bros., there was a service meeting at the start of every shift, no matter what time your shift began. They were always short and sweet, getting everybody on the same page regarding safety and customer service and access to the lot. They didn’t require participation, necessarily, but there was always room for it, if anyone needed to chime in.

    I’ve never attended a better corporate meeting.

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