Straight and Curly Episode 23: The Coffice

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What’s a coffice? It’s when you use a coffee shop as an office – either as a temporary measure or all the time. Research suggests the low hum of activity that is the background noise to most coffee shops can actually boost productivity.

In this short and sweet episode Carly and I take the opportunity to discuss our experiences working from coffee shops and share whether our experience agrees with the research.We also cover the etiquette of working from a coffee shop and share some tips and tricks for getting the most out of that environment.

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  1. My husband is a writer who earns his living working in retail (he has published one book on Amazon, so he does earn monthly residuals, but it’s not yet “a living”). When his work schedule allows him to write, I try to give him enough quiet space to get it done. Back when he was a M-F waiter, he’d meet with his writing partner on weekends, and they always used coffices. I don’t have any idea if they were more productive together in their weekend coffices than they are now, working separately at home. I’m not really privy to his productivity.

    He has the day off today, and I know that he started writing after he plugged the 80’s playlist into the sound system, so I think he probably IS more productive with at least SOME level of background noise. I’m down with the 80’s playlist, too. I’ve been blogging and reading/commenting on other blogs, which feels like productivity (even though I don’t get paid for any of it). My biggest issue with a coffice would be the “rent” one has to pay for the use of a power outlet and “free” wifi, so it definitely wouldn’t help MY productivity!

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