Straight and Curly Episode 25: Tried It, Hated It

Kelly Exeter Straight and Curly 6 Comments


Carly and I have tried a lot of different productivity and life hacks over the years … and many of them just did not work for us. Since we’d find it hard to do a whole show on those ones, we decided to bundle them all into one here.

Today we cover off:

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Comments 6

  1. The sleeping nude portion has to be the funniest podcast portion of the year! Lady garden! Being held by my clothing! The bed is my underwear! Toooo funny!

    You two gave me a much needed lift in my spirit on a very dark day.

    Thank you.

  2. I personally love sleeping as nude as possible. Because I wear my UP Move on my waistband, tho, that might mean just a little undies goin’ on, so that my sleep gets tracked. And well, ya know, undies DO also prevent the sheets from being my undies.

    I tried the meditative breathing last night; will need to try it for longer to see if it’s actually helpful. Like Carly, every time I’ve ever tried meditation (guided, because I’m rubbish at self-guided), it has only ever induced sleep.

    I don’t oil pull on a regular basis, but when I do, it’s because I’m having specific Dental Issues, and I’m avoiding seeing a dentist. I think I’ll give eating raw garlic a go, because 1. I love garlic and 2. why not?

    Everything else you covered, I’m a “no” on. If my “job” were computer/desk oriented, then I’d probably like a standing desk, particularly if it were also adjustable to sitting height.

    Loved this podcast!

    1. Post
  3. I just started this episode and would love to hear about the systems you and Carly use to organize your calendars, to do lists, etc.

    I use Outlook for my calendar, contacts and to do list and sync it to my phone so I can access the info anywhere but I started bullet journaling earlier this year because I either forget to even look at my very long to do list for days/weeks on end or find it completely overwhelming, can’t decide what I should do first and end up accomplishing nothing (or just trying yet again to simplify/organize my to do list). I also like not always having to pick up my phone or turn on the computer to see my calendar and to do list, because I find that to be distracting.

    So I do a really simplified bullet journal, which works reasonably well for me, but I’m still wondering if there’s a better system out there (partly because I agree with what you both said about the time wasting aspect of always having to duplicate information/rewrite things).

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