Straight and Curly Episode 26: Home cleaning hacks

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Quite a few people have asked us for our house cleaning hacks so that’s what we’re sharing in today’s episode. Carly and I are big fans of:

  • The 10-minute tidy
  • The one-minute rule/touch it once
  • Leaving a room tidier than you left it (thanks to Nicole Avery for that one!)
  • Having a cleaning caddy
  • Teaming up with your partner (sharing the load)
  • Loading up a podcast and allocating the runtime of that podcast to cleaning
  • Keeping the house generally tidy and hiring a cleaner to do the ‘proper’ clean once a week or fortnight

As far as keeping things tidy when you have kids (like Kelly):

  • Ongoing decluttering is a must else you’ll find yourself drowning in plastic craptastic
  • Being ruthless with ‘artwork’ (take a picture of the stuff you want to remember and make it into a photobook)
  • Lowering your standards (#sigh)

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  1. Hi Straight and Curly,

    Loved this one, I got some great tips & I look forward to trying them. The tip about putting a podcast on, is what I have been doing lately and it works well. Another thing that I do and its just a habit now, I don’t even think about. When I’m leaving a room and going to another room I look around to see if something needs to be taken there. For example if I’m leaving the lounge room to go to the kitchen I check to see if there is something that needs to go back to the kitchen. Because I have little children and a teenager, usually there is something that needs to go! I’m not always in that zone of thought, but when I realise the house needs tidying that is what I do.
    Kind regards
    Jacqui xxx

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