Straight and Curly Episode 27: Dealing with negative feedback

Kelly Exeter Straight and Curly 4 Comments


Negative feedback can derail a day pretty quickly and really mess with productivity if you don’t know how to effectively manage it.

In this episode Carly and I chat about the feedback we’ve received about our writing, and also about this very podcast. And we share the techniques we’ve developed over the years to cope better and move on faster.

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  1. I’ve just started listening to this podcast and had to comment with some positive feedback after hearing this episode. I absolutely adore this podcast, it feels like I’m hanging out with two friends. Carly cracks me up, and her exuberance never fails to put me in a better mood than before I turned the podcast on. And, Kelly, you are wonderfully thoughtful and always bring an interesting perspective to the topic. Thanks to you both for putting yourselves out there – keep them coming!
    Laura 🙂

    1. You’re so lovely Laura! Thank you! And it means so much that the podcast feels like you’re hanging out with two friends as that’s absolutely what we’re aiming for 🙂

  2. Hello Kelly,

    I have just started listening to the Straight & Curly podcast and put them on in the house or my ears when I want to get mindless stuff done or exercise. Your podcast is my entertaining one. I am a self help junkie and find it delightful to know there are others out there like me. I love listening to both your voices and the podcast literally makes me laugh out loud. Turns out I learn so much more when it’s light hearted. I’m just such a big fan!! Listening to podcasts have changed my life. Keep up the awesome work.

    Love Jacqui xxxxx

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