Straight and Curly Episode 8: Guaranteed productivity booster #1

Every so often in this podcast Carly and I are going to share a guaranteed productivity booster (yes, big call we know!).

Today is our first and it might seem a little on the boring side: go for a walk.

A brisk walk has been shown to be just as effective as antidepressants in mild to moderate cases of depression – the feel-good endorphins walking releases also help reduce stress and anxiety. So for positive mental health, walking’s an absolute must. But how is it a productivity booster?

Well, we will assert that positive mental health is, in itself, a productivity booster. But there’s more to going for a walk than that …

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  1. I definitely want to get a Fitbit when I’ve finished chemo at the end of this month. Nothing like a brush with (breast) cancer to remind you what a blessing it is to be able to move your body!

    Really enjoying the podcasts. Thank you.

    PS. I also tried your green smoothie (I asked you for the recipe on Facebook). It was really good!

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  2. Hi Kelly – loving the podcasts (both S&C and Let it Be). I work in an open plan office and find that listening to Spotify (focus music category) helps drown out the distractions. But despite this, I do still have “Dory” (Finding Nemo!) tendencies – focus for 5mins on one thing, then get distracted by something else (whether it’s a personal task that’s suddenly/unjustifiably become really important; look at facebook/personal email on my phone; half start another work related task). At the end of the day, I’ve completed nothing. I’ve tried Pomodoro (25min version), and Spotify, but I still find it a real battle. Any tips? Is this a sign of boredom at work, or lack of interest/stimulation?
    Thank you again for the podcasts – reassuring to know that there are other ‘self-improvement junkies’ out there! 🙂

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