Straight and Curly Episode 9: Stop starting again

Does this sound familiar?

You come in to your office ready to start work. You sit down at your desk, check emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Then you’ve been on your computer for 30 minutes so you figure it’s time to go get a drink. You get a drink, come back to your desk … sit down, check emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, now you need to go to the toilet …


We all have a ‘starting’ ritual that we do when we come back to our desk after a break. And that ritual chews up a LOT of time in the day. I know when I used to work eight hour days I could easily get to lunch time having done nothing but check and answer email. Terrible!

Today Carly and I share the evolutionary thing (!!) that might cause this behaviour and share some practical tips for eliminating it from your life.

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  1. HA! I remember working in a corporate environment and doing this EXACT thing, although it was so long ago that the only thing to check was emails (no social media sites). Also, when I was the person tasked with maintaining the company’s social media presence more recently, I SUCKED ASS at it, and never wanted to visit any of those sites or even my own personal pages. So glad I’m no longer tasked with maintaining any company’s social media presence. Blech.

    Now that I make my income doing anything but sitting at a computer, my computer time is my own. So I don’t really have that “starting again” problem. Sounds like a good challenge for those who do, though!

    FWIW, I want to thank you, Kelly, for using the word “disorganized”. So many people are so lazy with words, that the go-to non-word that drives me bonkers with its (over)use is “unorganized”. AAAAARRRGH!

    Still enjoying these podcasts. If I don’t comment on one in particular, please don’t take it as rejection. I know that I am that One Listener you’re aiming to please, right? 😉

    1. Post

      Haha – ok I won’t take it as rejection if you forget to comment on a podcast post. I love how you binge listen to them!

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