Why I get up so early


I get up at 4.15am every day.

Yes, even on weekends.


Because it gives me three insanely precious hours where I can do whatever I want. No one is needing my attention. No one is talking to me. And no one else is awake so I don’t feel guilty that taking time for myself means someone is missing out.

What do I use those precious morning hours for?

Writing, exercise and browsing through social media. Taking time first thing in the morning means no matter how a day pans out, I’ve always managed to do the two things that are really important to my mental wellbeing (writing and exercise).

How do I get up so early?

Short answer is: I go to bed early. I try to be in bed and reading by 8.45pm most nights with lights out at 9.15pm.

Do I jump out of bed with glee each morning when the alarm goes off at 4.15am? Nope. But I wouldn’t jump out of bed with glee if my alarm was set for 7am either. It’s amazing, however, how quickly something becomes a habit once you set your mind to doing it. And habits stick when a craving is involved.

Each night when I go to bed (a bit frazzled at the moment because my three-year-old is being a bit challenging), I am craving those beautiful and peaceful morning hours, and that craving, while it doesn’t have me jumping out of bed, certainly gets me up quick smart because the alternative is zero time to myself.

You don’t have to get up at 4.15am to get the benefits of this ‪#‎whitespace‬ I’ve created for myself in the mornings. Even 30 minutes before you ‘have’ to get up is enough.

Try it – and let me know if it makes a difference to way you cope with the challenges of any given day.

P.S. You don’t have to get up early on the weekends. It works for me but I suspect it wouldn’t work for most! Start with just the weekday mornings for now!

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  1. See, when you DON’T get up early, you can stay up late at night instead. That way you can enjoy the blissful quiet of a day just done to your heart’s content. 🙂

  2. I’m assuming the writer is not married. I’m also wondering what time all of the children go to bed.? While I am always very interested to see how others work out their day, there is no way this could work for me. By the time my husband and I get all of our children settled and tucked in for the night, we need a few hours to discuss business (finances, calendar, etc.), clean up dinner and dishes, get everything (including wardrobe and packed lunches) ready for the next day. Then there is also the sanctity of us being a husband and wife. I’m just saying that I could definitely NOT get up 3 hours earlier than I already have to in the mornings UNLESS I could really go to sleep by 9PM, which must be impossible unless you are neglecting someone or some things. The notion of getting up 30 minutes earlier is a nice one, but everytime that I try to pull that one off, the littlest kids just wake up earlier because they “know” someone is up!

    1. Post

      Hey there – I am married and my kids go to bed at ~ 7.30pm. We make sure all the chores are done by then so that once the kids are in bed, my husband and watch a an episode of our favourite show together (currently House of Cards) and then we head off to bed too. Works for us – but I totally know it wouldn’t work for everyone.

      And it’s definitely hard if you get up early and your kids want to get up early too. You could try what I do and that is, I tell them that if they want to be up, they can be up, but this is Mummy’s time so they must amuse themselves 🙂

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