“I pick up a lot of freebie motivation themed e-books from time to time, and a lot sound the same, and none are very motivating. I like the tone of this author, I felt like she was a lot like me, so I enjoyed the book very much, actually wish it was a bit longer!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“Do yourself a favour and read this book. It helps that her writing style is captivating but the most important thing here is her message. Highly recommended” ~ R Findlay


Straight and Curly – A Podcast for Self-Improvement Junkies, launched in January 2016. The show was featured as one of iTunes’ top ten podcasts for 2016. It ranks in the top charts most weeks. And it’s been featured in several magazines and major newspapers around the world as a ‘podcast worth listening to’ alongside the shows of self-improvement luminaries like Oprah and Gretchen Rubin.

This book is a compilation of Kelly and Carly's most popular episodes around the topic of diet and lifestyle detoxes. The girls discuss their stance on things like Paleo, Whole30, quitting sugar and dieting in general and share the results of experiments they did with going without alcohol, coffee and their phones (but not at all once!).


“Practical Perfection is a no-fuss, clear, concise read that is focused on teaching, but with just enough anecdote to make it relatable. Instead of telling you how to get over your perfectionism, it gives you permission to be a perfectionist. It provides a framework for managing it so you don’t burn out, feel overwhelmed, or become the proverbial hamster on the wheel.” ~ Emily Hawker



“I think it's one of the most effective, straight to the point, motivational business strategy books I have read. I would urge anyone feeling a little overwhelmed with their current situation to purchase and read this book. It will offer you an excellent, achievable starting point to get back on track - and fast!” ~ Melanie Gray