What I’m doing right now

This page is updated every week or two and shares what I’m up to at the moment and what my current focus is. Latest update: Wednesday 16 August


After several short weeks in a row thanks to travelling back and forth across the country to speak, I’ve enjoyed being able to get back into a more normal daily routine. Even nicer is the feeling of being ‘on top of things’. Will enjoy that while it lasts!

We’re hiring at Swish Design so I’ve spent the last two days reading through 80 Executive Assistant applications. 80! The next job in that process is creating a long list of 15 that I narrow down to a short list of 5 to interview. We’re so looking forward to bringing in someone to take pressure off our management team in the office.

Better than Yesterday

Earlier this year I ran a habits program called Better than Yesterday. It was a paid program and I walked everyone through the creation of three major keystone habits: sleep, exercise and nutrition. We’re now doing a series of mini-challenges geared towards opening up white space in our lives. This post explains why whitespace is so important. If you’d like to join in the Better than Yesterday challenges for free, jump on the list here.


Hey, hey, it’s my birthday which means I’ve just wrapped up the ‘40 posts in 40 days’ series I challenged myself to write in the lead up. That was fun but super-intense. I’m going to take a little break from writing on the blog now as I’m on deadline to finish the first draft of James Schramko’s book Work Less, Make More.

Meanwhile, I’m busily researching for my next two books: Overthinkers Anonymous and The INFJ Guide to Winning at Life. The latter, I’m hoping to release later this year (self-published), the former is going to take a while to write and I’m toying with trying to find a traditional publisher for it.

If you want a front row seat while I write Overthinkers Anonymous, you can join the Facebook group here.


I’ll be sitting down with Carly tomorrow to record the first two eps of the next season of Straight and Curly. The first episode of that season will hopefully be released next Wednesday. With Let it Be, things are a little crazy for Brooke right now as she is in the midst of shutting down Jackrabbit.fm and her second book is coming out next month. We’re trying to set a date for recording another ep or two … but we’re giving ourselves permission to look after ourselves first!


I’ve mentioned before that I generally don’t do one-on-one consulting. I have, however, broken that ‘rule’ a few times in the past few months and found I quite enjoyed it. Perhaps it’s because I have more energy these days (thank you whitespace).

If you’ve ever thought, ‘Gee, I’d love to have Kelly apply her brain to my situation’, there are now two ways you can do that:

  • Via a 1 hour, one-to-one session with me (Cost = $450).
  • Via my online forum where you can unashamedly pick my brain for 6 months (Cost = $300).

If you’re interested in these, find out more here.