Taking stock – January to March

And whoosh. Just like that, a quarter of the year is done and dusted. January was such a good month. All the things Ant and I put in place last year to make life better for our little family was paying off; we were all enjoying the extra time we had together sans stress-induced narkiness and Continue Reading

This week in links … ‘accurate’

So I'm going to kick off today's post with the big news of this week: Zayn departing One Direction. Purely because I want a neat segue to the below. An excellent piece on the community of 1D fandom by @mkruvant http://t.co/nWsCX2QzNy (via @doreeshafrir) — Jane Howard (@noplain) How Continue Reading

Two simple questions to help you resist temptation

There's a cupcake in the kitchen and it's got your name on it. But ... you're trying to be 'good'. But ... it's 3pm and you're hungry. And tired. And you've had a frustrating day and come on, it's just one cupcake. Although, now you think about it, you had one of those cupcakes yesterday. After Continue Reading

This week in links – perspective

So folks, how has your week been? Mine's been better than last week thankfully and just in case I needed some perspective to make myself feel better about life at the moment, there's plenty of that going round too. Given how often I dare go for walks by myself in broad daylight and given whooping Continue Reading

The engagement

He types "how to propose" into Google and is a bit dismayed to find there are no detailed instructions to be found anywhere. She's starting to get a bit tired of people (ok, mostly her mum) asking "when do you think he'll propose?" He goes into the jewellery shop at the local shopping centre and Continue Reading