How to find your passion and purpose in life


If you read this blog regularly it’s not going to be news to you that the main reason we all over-extend ourselves is because we can’t help but say yes to everything. Why? Because ‘everything’ is an opportunity and no one wants to let amazing opportunities go begging. Ultimately though, saying yes to everything just leads to resentment (because Continue Reading

Are ‘celebrity’ diets to blame for our disordered eating?


Late last year, I found myself privy to an interesting conversation (via their podcast) between Mamamia’s Kate Leaver, Mia Freedman and Rosie Waterland. The topic was “are celebrity dieters like Pete Evans and Sarah Wilson encouraging extremism in eating?” Mia was on the fence. She said she found these diets triggering for her, but was happy for Continue Reading

Why are we so afraid of ‘work’ when it comes to marriage?


Chrissie Swan started an interesting conversation on her Facebook page recently. Is it just me... Or am I only one who doesn't think relationships/marriage takes 'work'? I can't think of a less appropriate word to describe my relationship. Work? No. Not a bit. Now I agree with Chrissie on one aspect. I'd never use the word 'work' to describe my Continue Reading

5 easy things we can all do to look out for each other better


The world seems quite angsty right now don’t you think? (Or maybe it's not just 'now', maybe this is a new 'normal'.) Everywhere I look there seems to be hurt feelings, self-esteems taking a hammering and in general, a lot of crankiness and upset-ed-ness. Which makes me think this is as good time a time as any for us all to try and look out for Continue Reading

How to achieve your big goals when you’re a mum


Life was pretty simple when I was 22. My only responsibilities were my job, my boyfriend and a family who made few demands on my time. This gave me the opportunity to be completely single-minded when it came to my big life goal at the time … competing at an elite level in my sport of triathlon. And single-minded I was. I dedicated 15-20 hours a Continue Reading

What to do when life keeps giving you lemons


We all know the adage: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And you know what? It’s a nice trite thought for trite times. The days where the cat throws up as you’re heading out the door and then the car won’t start and as you’re heading back in the house you rip your dress. The days where you can look back and laugh at the sheer Continue Reading