Straight and Curly Episode 20: Menu planning


We kick off this episode with a quick recap of how our digital detox (or should I say ‘internet detox’) went last weekend. Short story – Carly loved it and I hated it!

Then we get on to menu planning.

My relationship with it is like my relationship with to-do lists – complicated.

In theory, the whole concept of menu planning should greatly appeal to me. It allows me to be organised when it comes to doing the weekly shop and also to outsource the making of four meals a week. But it’s still one of my most loathed jobs each week. Perhaps it’s related to the fact that trying to come up with meals that are nutritious, meet the dietary intolerances of my whole family and are also quick and easy to make challenges the lack of imagination I have with regard to anything kitchen-related. But mostly I think it’s to do with the fact that menu planning is a weekly reminder of the fact that I have to cook. I hate cooking!

Anyway – in this episode Carly and share how menu planning can also help with budgeting and weight control along with some of our favourite menu planning tips and tricks.

I mention this great app from Nicole at Planning with Kids that’s helped me greatly.

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  1. I don’t do a “weekly shop”, nor do I plan meals far enough in advance to join this particular challenge. My work is always last-minute-notice kinds of scheduling (so no scheduling to speak of), and my husband’s job is retail, so he may have a morning, mid-day, or evening shift, and he always has varying days off. My favorite grocery store is down the block from my bank, so if I’ve got the day off, I might drive over to that neighborhood, and then walk to the bank and the grocery with just my two bags. That way, I get my 10,000 steps in, I buy only what I can carry, and I socialize a bit with the folks at the two locations. I’ve managed to wean us both toward healthy foods, but I’m also a huge fan of FROZEN meats and veggies, just so we don’t waste stuff. I’ll buy just enough fresh veg to make salads work, but the stuff we’re going to cook anyway lives in our chest freezer. Walking with two bags of groceries is a great motivator to NOT impulse-buy!

    If I book enough work through the week, I’ll often bring home leftovers from the catered meal I get on set, which means I REALLY don’t need a meal plan! It’s as if I’ve been eating out, without having to spend any money on eating out! Win-win!

    😀 Y’all have fun with the meal-planning challenge.

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  2. Yeah, I have the same thing every morning too. Rice puffs (no sugar), almond milk, frozen berries, honey, coconut and, if I have it, home-made peanut butter dollops. So much easier.

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