10 Things You Didn’t Really Need To Know About Me

I’ve been asked to share ten things about myself that you don’t really need to know! Hmm, had to think for a while about this one, but then it all came to me in an avalanche!

1. I can’t sleep without a fan on

This started when I lived with my grandmother. She used to have the tv on in the living room so loud that made it hard for me to sleep (I am a terrible sleeper)! So I would turn the fan on in my room to drown out the noise and now I can’t sleep without a fan on in the background! If you think I am weird, well check it – there are no less than 6 groups on facebook full of people just like me!

2. I can’t sleep if a cupboard in the room is open

This is just 100% obsessive compulsive disorder – I can’t think of any other reason for it!

3. I did ballet for 9 years of my life and triathlon for 10

I was a LOT better at triathlon than ballet – can’t think how I lasted so long in ballet!

Trinidad4. I was born in the West Indies

My family (on both mum and dad’s side) goes back at least a couple of generations in Trinidad and Tobago where I was born and lived until I was nine. I am forever grateful that mum and dad moved here to Australia though – a lot more opportunities for us kids and I would like to think I have made the most of them!

5. My husband and I were together for 10 years before he proposed

I will never let him live this down – seriously. Admittedly we first got together when we were 17 but still … how long does it take to decide someone else is ‘the one’?! Actually, I blame our parents. Every time one of them put the pressure on, X added an extra month to his ‘when I intend to propose’ date.

6. I did a duathlon in Malaysia on our honeymoon and a marathon on our first wedding anniversary

Now you might be getting the picture as to why X took so long to propose! In fact, when he finally DID propose, it was on a trip to Tasmania where, you guessed it, I had to do a triathlon first. In my defence, the duathlon (run-bike-run) I did on our honeymoon netted us $600USD extra spending money which we got to have a lot of fun with (USD were worth a lot back then)!

7. I have run three marathons

The first was in Sydney (first wedding anniversary!), the second was in New York (awesome!!) and the third was in Paris (cold, I got a little hypothermic). The next marathon on my bucket list is Berlin – but being a super fast course, I refuse to do it until I am super fit again. This may never happen!


8. I employ four family members in my business

Luckily we all really like each other. Currently in the Swish Design office are my husband, my brother and my sister. My mum comes in on Mondays. This may explain why I now work from home on a permanent basis ;)

9. I am a neat freak but not a clean freak

My desk is always tidy, even while working and every time Jaden goes to sleep, I tidy away his toys (yes even during the day!) Cleaning is another story however! I hate cleaning and do it resentfully, half heartedly and poorly! Both my parents and my in-laws are horrified by this!


10. I despise wadded up tin foil

Think of the stuff that covers easter eggs. Then think of the little balls they make when all wadded up. That stuff makes my skin crawl. God only knows where my revulsion for this comes from but unless a piece of tin foil is perfectly flat and crease free, I can only touch it with a tissue and only then, if I am making a straight transfer into the bin. Gross gross gross!