“Practical Perfection is a no-fuss, clear, concise read that is focused on teaching, but with just enough anecdote to make it relatable. Instead of telling you how to get over your perfectionism, it gives you permission to be a perfectionist. It provides a framework for managing it so you don’t burn out, feel overwhelmed, or become the proverbial hamster on the wheel.” ~ Emily Hawker

“I love books that provide strategies that are simple to put in place and Kelly's latest book does just that. Being a perfectionist can make life unbearable at times, but if you are after some actionable ways to help work through this then Practical Perfection is for you!” ~ Emily Toxward





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If you’ve ever been told “You’re too hard on yourself” …

If you’re especially prone to overwhelm and burnout …

If your perfectionist tendencies are holding you back from getting the most out of life …

Then Practical Perfection was written for you.

Five years ago, Kelly Exeter ticked all of the above boxes. Then she had a breakdown. While recovering from that breakdown she developed a framework for herself. One that stopped her burning out all the time. One that helped her stay on the right side of overwhelm. One that got her off the hamster wheel.

Practical Perfection shares that framework and shows how anyone whose self-imposed high standards are holding them back can live an excellent life. One where they:

  • Get to achieve what they want without constant stress and overwhelm.
  • Have time and space to be good to those closest to them.
  • Have time and space to be good to the world.
  • Have time and space to be good to themselves.

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Exeter shares a framework that she calls practical perfection. Imagine three overlapping circles—a Venn diagram—that represent passions, priorities and productivity. The zone in the middle—where all three circles overlap—is the “practical perfection” zone. If any one of these three items is missing, we are going to feel it. The goal is to take notice, and adjust our lives until we’re back in the middle, living in the zone. ~ Kevin Kruse on {Read the full feature here.}

As a recovering perfectionist, I found myself nodding the whole way through Practical Perfection. If you are too hard on yourself, or suffer from overwhelm and burnout from trying to get everything right in your life, you need this book. Direct and to the point, Kelly's practical suggestions and step-by-step strategies will help you transform your life into one that is more balanced and satisfying. And one where you are much kinder to yourself - which you deserve! ~ Jodie Gibson

LOVED IT! I have read Kelly's book 'Practical Perfection' twice. It is written in a conversational style that is easy to understand and absorb. It also includes many interesting examples, questions and summaries It makes perfect sense to me and I look forward to incorporating some of Kelly's strategies into my life. Super work Kelly and huge thanks for sharing your solutions for 'Practical Perfection'. ~ Gail Turnham

Kelly Exeter has always been my favourite blogger and her writing and encouragement has helped save me from myself on many occasion. This book is no exception. The book itself lives up to the title. Ever understanding and ever practical, Kelly's observations, insights and solutions are just perfect. ~ Laney Galligan

Kelly's writing is warm but direct and down to earth. Practical Perfection is just as brilliant as Your Best Year Ever. I walked away with practical (funny that) lessons and understanding of my habits chasing my own perfection. This book is for the strivers, those getting beat by their own whip. ~ Karin

I love books that provide strategies that are simple to put in place and Kelly's latest book does just that. Being a perfectionist can make life unbearable at times, but if you are after some actionable ways to help work through this then Practical Perfection is for you! ~ Emily Toxward

I read this book in one sitting, nodding along. In the book Kelly guides us how to not be overwhelmed and burnt out, how to say no, how to pull your life back in to sync with simple, practical strategies that would suit anyone from a SAHM to a business exec. Not sure how so much is jam packed in to such a small book, but it is! ~ Trae Flett

Yep, the battle for perfection can take so many things away from your life. Kelly Exeter has written a fabulous book, written from the heart and with a beautiful purpose of helping others who battle with the same challenge. This book will make your life so much better - such a talented writer. With much respect and admiration to you Kelly. ~ Andrew Griffiths

Generous authors don't simply write to write, they write to change something or someone. I've watched Kelly fully embrace the insights in this book over many years. She lives and breathes the lessons on these pages in order to bring her best self to her life and her work, and she wants you to be able to do the same. What differentiates this book from others in its category are the tiny, positive things you can put into practice. It's not about being perfect, it's about getting clear about what really matters to you. ~ Bernadette Jiwa

I love this book! Kelly writes in such a way that you can easily relate to everything she's saying and it's full of practical tips that I can implement straight away. A brilliant read for all perfectionists (and for anyone who wants to be more focused, productive and happy). ~ Kate James

Kelly! This book is everything you said it was going to be! I'm blown away by how you got inside my head and neatly sorted out all the 'junk' from the smart stuff. It's like you could see a print out of all my thoughts and then you made sense of them! Your advice is practical, helpful, relevant and doable for anyone! The book totally resonated with me and I loved your simple diagrams to explain ideas. My particular favourite was the optimum zone rather than a single sweet spot! Great way to visualise it and to see what's causing our stress when we lean towards burnout, feeling overwhelmed or like a hamster on a wheel. A terrific, straight forward book for anyone who has felt the pinch of trying to do too much with not enough time.  I've heard some of the ideas before but you put it in a fresh, more practical way that actually helps me get a frame work to deal with stuff in a more permanent way. It's brilliant. ~ Suzie Beckinsale

Have just finished Practical Perfection and I love it. The whole framework is genius and I want a beautiful printout of that Venn diagram so I can always figure out which particular problem I'm having! So relate to all of it. This is a great book which I'll be recommending to people far and wide! ~ Amanda Kendle

I'm one of those people who is constantly saying to myself - "Go faster, I need to find a way to go faster" so I could definitely identify with much of what was said in this book. As I continued to read I could see that what I was doing was setting myself up for "Burnout": focusing all my efforts on productivity and prioritising my work. But there is definitely missing passion (which for me has always been sports and getting out and about). Last few months has been all work work work. So I like the awareness that reflecting on your Practical Perfection Framework brings and how well the book elaborates on each of the three problem areas that arise from only focusing on only two aspects of the framework at a time. And conversely, how easily balance can be brought back by re-injecting the missing aspect. ~ David Tiong

I loved this book. It's like you found all the good wellbeing words out there, mixed them all up until they made more sense, slow cooked them for hours until they just melt on the tongue and served them up with a smile. It's a gift, Kell!! ~ Bronwyn Mandile

As a recovering perfectionist, this well-written book resonated with me on several levels. Kelly's framing of the issues surrounding perfectionism were theoretically insightful while also working well on a practical level. Practical Perfection is helpful without being prescriptive or preachy - a difficult balancing act and one that Kelly makes appear effortless. It is one of those rare books that is worth keeping in your home library to read more than once. ~ Debbi Harris

I loved Practical Perfection!  Once I started reading I couldn't stop and I read it all in one go.  I also sent it to my partner so that we can test out some of the family routines. I didn't know that I identified with being a 'striver' and 'self‐oriented perfectionist', but that is exactly what I am. It's such a relief to know there are other people like me ... and that they are living happy and rewarding lives. ~ Meryl Johnston

I love how, in Practical Perfection, Kelly has combined evidence and logic, with practical applications and recommendations. The evidence is so important, to identify what changes I wanted to make in my life and why. The practical applications gives me the tools to know how I can follow through with these changes.  Covering the What, Why and How in one package, in a very digestible way, makes Practical Perfection a must read for anyone interested in being the best that they can be. ~ Helen King

I devoured Practical Perfection in one sitting (or lie down I should say). I always had this image of myself as a chilled out, no worries sort of person because I'm so agreeable to what everyone else wants, but in reality I have been a stressed out perpetual people pleaser with FODO ingrained in me. I am slowly identifying where I need to change in order to have a life that truly reflects my values. What you said about needing to be at home really resonated with me - I have always seen this as a weakness, but really it is the privacy and space I find there that nourishes me to go back into the world and do the work that I love. I want to say I just adore the relaxed, yet passionate way you write, and how articulately you do this. Your book is organised, easy to read, each section follows another in a precise manner. No fluff. Practical Perfection indeed! Take some whitespace to celebrate your achievement. ~ Linda Manson

Practical Perfection is a thought provoking read, and delivers on its promise of helping you find that excellent life we are all looking for. My personal journey began well over a year ago, and Kelly gave me a new perspective on where I can find a different sense of balance in my life. A lightbulb came on while I read the conclusion because I realized that I have worked through quite a bit of this already, and am currently a hamster on a wheel. Like many, I’ve got a lot going on but never get anything done. Her advice to sit down and establish between the most important tasks to get done and setting realistic deadlines for myself has been so rewarding. I’ve also found that through daily routine and removing digital distractions I’ve been able to slow down and enjoy the moments happening right in front of me. Thank you Kelly for the growth I’ve experienced on the path to my excellent life! ~ Michelle Elizondo




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