Straight and Curly 74: Listener questions

Carly and I always try to do something a little different for the shows that end a season and this episode is no different. We asked our listeners if they had any burning personal problems or questions they needed help with and in this show, we work through those questions, not as amateur therapists. More as if the listener was a personal friend and they were sitting with us, having a coffee and looking for advice.

  • Leigh wants to know if she’s crazy to be going back to Uni.
  • Jess wants to treat her friends without making them feel uncomfortable.
  • Emma would like to know how the girls would react to something awful happening in their lives.
  • Michael wants to know where to find the time to be creative.
  • Ellen has multiple passions and is keen to know how to effectively pursue them.
  • Emily needs help getting away from her inbox.

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Photo by Lexi Ruskell on Unsplash