Reflections at 40 – Choices – 6/40

To celebrate turning 40, I’ve challenged myself to blog for each of the 40 days leading into my birthday. This is post number 6. You can read all the posts here.

They say hindsight is 20/20 and looking back on this period of my life, it’s so clear what I needed to do.

Cut back on commitments.

Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

Exercise some self-compassion.

At the time, however, I felt trapped – by my business, our financial situation, and especially by my personal brand.

When you’re someone who’s known for having their shit together and bases their self-worth on hearing people say, “Wow, you’re amazing, no one’s ever done x like that/that well before,” a lot of choices are swept off the table.

Admit defeat?

Ask for help?

Tell someone you’re unable to help them because you’ve got too much on your plate?

No chance.

So, in the absence of what I believed were options, I kept going down the path of obliteration.

Not realising that was actually a choice in itself.