The biggest thing I’ve learned in the past few years is there is a big difference between action, and meaningful action.

Action: can involve a lot of doing, and can feel really ‘productive’, but can also leave you standing in the same spot. Or worse, move you backwards.

Meaningful action: is intentional and always moves you forward.

Taking meaningful action involves:

  1. Identifying where you’re going
  2. Identifying why you’re going there
  3. Removing distractions
  4. Doing what needs to be done

My speciality is helping people work through these four steps.

Areas where I’m best equipped to help:

The people I’m best equipped to help:

  • Highly-driven, Type-A folk who’ve finally admitted to themselves that while they can do anything, they can’t do everything (and need help prioritising).

Keen to work with me?

There are two ways:

1. One-on-one consultation: $450

I’ll send you a questionnaire that will gather all the information I need to get across your specific situation. Once you’ve filled in that questionnaire, we’ll book a time to chat via Skype and you’ll have one hour to ask me anything you want. After that Skype call, you’ll have the opportunity to email me one set of follow-up questions (which I will answer, either via return email, video or audio.)


2. Group coaching via my online forum: $300

If you’d like to pick my brain on an ongoing basis, this is the best option. Once you’ve signed up, I will give you access to my private online forum where you can post as many questions as you like and receive answers, not just from me, but other members of the community.

Costs are $300 for the first 6 months, then $150/6 months from there.