Don’t be afraid to …

Often we know exactly what we need to do, we just need someone to give us permission. Well, here it is.

Don’t be afraid to …

  • Completely lose your shit
  • Give people the┬áchance to miss you
  • Push back
  • Take a moment
  • Stand for something
  • Stand up for your self
  • Tell someone they made your day
  • Sit with discomfort
  • Press ‘Send’
  • Press ‘Pause’
  • Give someone a third chance
  • Cause a ruckus
  • Ask
  • Be unashamedly excellent
  • Be you
  • Disappoint people
  • Say ‘Yes, I can!’
  • Say ‘No, I can’t!’
  • Say ‘Let me get back to you’
  • Set boundaries
  • Play by the rules
  • Go all in
  • Go half in
  • Reach out
  • Retreat inwards
  • Break out into a run
  • Walk away
  • Have fun
  • Dance until your feet hurt
  • Sleep in
  • Change your mind
  • Try
  • Fail
  • Start again
  • Flip the script
  • Be explicit
  • Make the call
  • Make mistakes
  • Cut yourself some slack
  • Choose who you do life with
  • Be a goddamn walking contradiction …

What are you seeking permission for?

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  1. Hi Kelly, nicely put and thank you. I have given myself permission to finally leave my full time job in 2 weeks time and concentrate on being a celebrant full time. So I am going to “stand for something, stand up for myself, tell lots of someones they have made my day, ask, be unashamedly excellent, be me, say yes I can, no I can’t, go all in, reach out, have fun, start again, cut myself some slack” and enjoy every single minute of it.

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  2. I love the last one! I give myself permission to accept help from others. Even though people are already helping me with a new art goal, I am having a hard time accepting they are doing it because they want to and not out of a sense of responsibility.

    I give myself permission to reach beyond the goal. It’s okay to want to succeed.

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  3. Well…after I left my (horrendous) marriage and had no money and no home, no friends and no idea who I was anymore and was just trying to get from hour to hour – day to day and chiselling for a quid and hanging in there BY A THREAD… my father said to me…enjoy your life…that’s it…ENJOY YOUR LIFE…and it was so liberating and so simple and so not like my father. Great words of wisdom and I regarded it as “permission” to move forward with this gift of life

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  4. I am giving myself permission to dream and permission to be all I can be. i am giving myself permission to take some risks and make mistakes.

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  5. I love this. I have had to often give myself permission to cut myself some slack. Sometimes I can’t be the ‘perfect’ friend or family member and I need to stop acting like it’s the end of the world when I occasionally screw up (and we’re not even talking big screw ups – we’re talking fairly minor things that I torture myself about).
    I also have given myself permission to walk away from things/people that are toxic for me, without having to justify it or agonise over how it makes me look or what that person thinks. Because they already lost me when they made me feel like crap. I don’t owe them anything except for me taking the high road…which is more for myself than it is for them!

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  6. Sometimes we think we know everything about our parents….it’s lovely when they surprise us with an unexpected point of view

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