How to feel better after an epically crap day


Ah November. You’ve been a bit … crap y’know? Yes, I finished the first draft of Practical Perfection and that was pretty awesome – but gee there have been shenanigans galore otherwise.

Building a house variety shenanigans.

Sick child for five days when you work full-time shenanigans.

Other stuff not worth going into shenanigans.

In other words – many an epically crap day.

And I have used every zen trick available to me to conquer these crap days … but in the end, zen deserted me. Which is why a Facebook post from Annette Hill at I Give You the Verbs just made me simultaneously laugh and applaud – because it was exactly what I needed at the time. So here for you I republish, with Annette’s permission, the most excellent list ever for:

How to feel better after an epically, epically shit day

  1. Take time out to decompress. Cancel plans if you need to. It’s okay to do that.
  2. Don’t worry about having strong feelings, they’ll pass. They’re just feelings, having feelings isn’t bad, just uncomfortable sometimes.
  3. Chocolate. Hello.
  4. Vent. To a friend, to your FB peeps, just get some of the GRRRRRR out. SWEAR if you’re so inclined. Works for me.
  5. Hydrate – with water not wine. (ie Don’t drink yourself into a worse headspace.)
  6. Sleep. It may not go well, but give it a crack.
  7. CREATE. This is a massive one for me. Draw, paint, write, sing, just EXPRESS yourself.
  8. Accept all the kindness people offer. Social media can be awesome for this. (THANK YOU.)
  9. Have a big ol’ cry. Have a few good cries. Better out than in.
  10. Sit quietly in the sunshine for 15 minutes.
  11. BONUS TIP: Order dinner. I’m thinking, pizza.

What’s your best tip for dealing with epically crap days?


AnnetteAnnette is a blogger and a dedicated creative explorer. She is passionate about the power of words, encouraging people, and seeing beauty in everyday things. She blogs about these things and more at I Give You The Verbs. Go say hi to her! Go now!