Straight & Curly 82: How to fight fair

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And we’re back for the final season of 2017! In today’s episode Carly and I discuss conflict – something we both deal with very differently. I prefer to run away from it. Carly is happy to tackle things head on and defuse situations before they escalate.

Carly’s method is more appropriate for functioning adults so we share the best tips we both have in that regard including:

  • Remembering everyone is fighting their own personal battles – often the conflict they’re entering into with you is nothing to do with you.
  • Entering a conflict situation with resolution as your goal, rather than ‘winning’
  • Working with people’s personalities

Carly also found an article about conflict theory based on war and there was a fascinating list of areas of application theory that she thought applied to humans in relationships and in the work place too:

  • Decision/control theory (where conflict arises over power),
  • Game theory (where conflict comes from people who enjoy it),
  • Bargaining theory (where conflict arises because someone wants something),
  • Uncertainty (when conflict arises because someone is scared),
  • Stability theory (when conflict arise because someone is resisting change)
  • Action theory (when a conflict arises as a result of another person’s actions).

All require a slightly different approach and knowing which one you’re dealing with gives great power over every conflict situation.


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