Straight and Curly Ep 56: How to focus

Carly and I came to a very disturbing realisation recently. Despite being credited with being highly focused and disciplined people, we’re not. We’re both easily bored and distracted. Yet, we still manage to be highly effective and productive people.

In this week’s episode we discuss the things we do to overcome our natural squirrel-like twitchiness including:

  1. Employ the ‘just start’ method to overcome friction
  2. Use gadgets and apps like Flow State, Self Control and timers
  3. Mix up your environment
  4. Exercise
  5. Watch for hetero-genus complexity and context switching
  6. Schedule your to-do list
  7. Watch the wheat
  8. Remind yourself ‘WHY’
  9. Activate habits and routines

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Image credit: Ryan Winterbotham // Unsplash